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Mandlakazi Electrical Technologies (PTY) Ltd was established in 1998 when a partnership was formed between Eastern Transvaal Transformers and Mandlakazi Electrical Corporation, which is a diversified and Black empowerment group, representing the efforts of ordinary people to strive towards active participation in the economy of a reconstructed South Africa, thus making it one of the leading Black empowerment company’s in the electrical technology field. Mandlakazi Electrical Technologies (Pty) Limited, which is known in the industry as MET, offers a wide range of high-quality electrical services and products.
Mandlakazi Electrical Technologies (Pty) Ltd has been operating in the electrical technology field since 1998 and are:

Our Mission

Customer focused
Environmental awareness

Our Values

To entrench and expand our leading position in the electrical technology sector by: Building on our history of product and service excellence as well as technology innovation Exceeding customer expectations and creating successful partnership Contributing to building the power-base for sustainable growth and development

Our Empowerment Policy

The Company subscribes to the following transformation charter :
We Recognise that we, as a part of the business community, have a role to play in reconstruction and development.
We Believe that it is both our enlightened and moral duty to invest in the economic empowerment of disadvantaged individuals and communities.
We Commit ourselves to adopting and implementing policies that address affirmative action in the following areas:
Recruitment and development of staff through implementation of an in-house advancement strategy Equity Business linkages Social ResponsibilityThe company’s objective is to implement the transformation charter and comply with the Employment Equity Act No. 55 of 1998 by focusing on: Internal transformation which will build on the company’s internal transformation successes already achieved. The company’s social responsibility objectives within the industry and to the broader community.

Affirmative Action Measures

The company will practise appointment of staff from designated groups dependant upon resource availability from designated groups.

Training and Development from Designated Group

It is the company policy to develop all our people to their maximum potential capability. The company’s training and development programme is underpinned by the performance appraisal and mentoring system available to selected candidates to advance their personal development where this coincides with the interest of the company.

Equity Policy

The company commits itself to ensuring equal opportunity practices, by enforcing the right of fundamental equality and opportunity for all employees, as well as the right of every person to be protected against employment discrimination on the grounds of race, gender or disability.

Environmental, Safety and ISO Policy

Taking into consideration that natural resources should be protected, it is the policy of the company to carry out its work in a responsible manners so as to give due consideration to the environment and local community.
It is MET’s policy to take environmental studies into account before commencement of projects.
Adherence to the regulations of all legislation pertaining to the protection of natural resources, the environment and the health and safety of people will be statutory.

ISO Accreditation
MET will maintain the TUV Rheinland standards to uphold ISO accreditation.

Safety Policy
We are guided by the regulations and will achieve and maintain this objective through the strict adherence of the Factories Act and the standard regulations for the wiring of the premises.
Our Company accepts the legal requirements as the minimum standard for safety and health for all its employees. We have a safety committee as dictated by the law. They are responsible for checking if the company and employees comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993.

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